What are the precautions for building lattice bricks?

1. Before building a brick lattice, the grate and pillars must be checked. The flatness error of the upper surface of the grate shall not exceed 5mm when inspected by the pulling method. The error between the center line of the grid hole of the grate and the design position should not exceed 3mm.

2. The size deviation of checkered bricks should be checked and accepted according to the standard. Before construction, the use plan should be determined according to the random inspection record of brick size.

For the seven-hole lattice bricks with grooved tongues on the upper and lower sides, the distribution layer should be selected according to the height.

3. The grid hole on the center point of the regenerator should be used as the "central grid hole" of the brick grid. The two mutually perpendicular horizontal centerlines passing through the "center grid hole" should be used as the centerlines of the brick grids for each layer of masonry. Each layer of brick lattice should be built according to the center line, and the lattice holes should be kept vertical.

During construction, control lines should be hung around. The dislocation between the upper and lower brick lattices should not exceed 5mm.

4. The first layer of brick lattice should be built for the test and keep its upper surface flat. After the trial masonry is completed, the quality should be checked. The displacement of the brick grid holes to the grate grid holes should not exceed 10mm, and the complete grid holes should be counted and hidden engineering records should be compiled.

5. Between the brick lattice and the furnace wall, expansion joints must be left as designed and plugged with wooden wedges.

6. Anti-scaling measures must be taken during construction, and the grid holes must not be blocked. After the brick lattice is completed, the final cleaning should be carried out, and the lattice holes should be checked for smoothness. A grid hole shall be considered acceptable if the light from the electric lamp can pass through the grid hole, or the inspection steel rod lowered from above with a rope can pass the full height of the road hole.

The number of blocked grid holes should not exceed 3% of the complete grid holes of the first layer of brick grids.

7. When the brick lattice adopts seven-hole lattice bricks with upper and lower groove tongues, the upper and lower floors should be built with staggered joints; expansion joints must be left between the bricks according to the design requirements; the surrounding lattice bricks should be pre-processed and numbered in sequence draw an arrangement diagram.

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